Next year and Mr Vullo online videos

Next year I am moving school and moving year groups, however I will be keeping this website up to support parents/carers that wish to continue teach their children at home.

For ‘Reception Class’ phonics I suggest that you start with the Phonics Level (Phase) 2 videos and then move onto the Phonics Level (Phase) 3 videos.

If you wish to review a sound or want to do a quick (1 minute) warm up I suggest you use the Phonic sound videos that are listed alphabetically.

The phonics videos all relate to the Letters and Sounds program, so you can ask your child’s teacher what sounds they are learning and then watch the corresponding videos.

You can also find lots of Maths videos if you need them. The counting principles are really important so I would start with those videos first.

I hope these help, and that you and your families have a happy and healthy summer break.

Mr Vullo

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