Phonics Level (Phase) 3

Here are the videos relating to our in class phonic sessions for Level (Phase) 3. They are designed to be watched by the children (with or without an adult) before school (pre-teach) and after school (over teach) to support their progress in phonics. Each video relates to an in class session that using the same material in the video however we explore it in more depth. All videos can be played in full screen mode by clicking the square in the bottom right had corner of the video once it has started. The Level (Phase) 2 sessions that we covered last term can be found here.

Session 1: Sound ‘j’

Session 2: Sound ‘v’

Session 3: Sound ‘w’

Session 4: Sound ‘x’

Session 5: Review of ‘j’, ‘v’, ‘w’, and ‘x’

Session 6: Sound ‘y’

Session 7: Sound ‘z’

Session 8: Sound ‘qu’

Session 9: Sound ‘ch’

Session 10: Review ‘y’, ‘z’, ‘qu’ and ‘ch’

Session 11: Sound ‘sh’

Session 12: Sound ‘th’

Session 13: Sound ‘th’

Session 14: Sound ‘ng’

Session 15: Review ‘sh’, ‘th’, ‘th’ and ‘ng’

Session 16: Sound ‘ai’

Session 17: Sound ‘ee’

Session 18: Sound ‘igh’

Session 19: Sound ‘oa’

Session 20: Review ‘ai’, ‘ee’, ‘igh’ and ‘oa’

Session 21: Sound ‘oo’

Session 22: Sound ‘oo’

Session 23: Sound ‘ar’

Session 24: Sound ‘or’

Session 25: Review ‘oo’, ‘oo’, ‘ar’ and ‘or’

Session 26: Sound ‘ur’

Session 27: Sound ‘ow’

Session 28: Sound ‘oi’

Session 29: Sound ‘ear’

Session 30: Review ‘ur’, ‘ow’, ‘oi’ and ‘ear’

Session 31: Sound ‘air’

Session 32: Sound ‘ure’

Session 33: Sound ‘er’

Session 34: Recap

Session 35: recap

Session 36: Recap

Session 37: Recap

Session 38: Recap

Session 39: Recap

Session 40: Recap

Session 41: Recap

Session 42: Recap

Session 43: Recap

Session 44: Recap

Session 45: Recap

Session 46: Recap

Session 47: Recap

Session 48: Recap

Session 49: Recap

Session 50: Recap

Session 51: Recap

Session 52: Recap

Session 53: Recap

Session 54: Recap

Session 55: Recap

Session 56: Recap

Session 57: Recap

Session 58: Recap

Session 59: Recap

Session 60: Recap


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