Here are a selection of fun videos I created for the children in my class and school during school closure to keep them engaged and smiling.

The big sneeze.

Cloning Mr Vullo part 1.

Cloning Mr Vullo part 2.

Cloning Mr Vullo part 3.

Cloning Mr Vullo part 4.

Cloning Mr Vullo part 5.

Mr Vullo reads a story and gets a haircut.

Roydon Primary Toilet Roll Challenge.

Roydon All Stars Performs ‘Times like these’.

Reception Class parents perform ‘Kitchen Disco’.

Goodbye Mr Clark.

The ‘huff and puff’ machine.

Episode 1: Smartie steals Mr Vullo’s phone and calls Dolly and Dotty.

Episode 2: Smartie goes on the run.

Episode 3: Smartie goes to ‘dog jail’.

Episode 4: A campaign to free Smartie is successful.


My name is Mr Vullo and I am a Class Teacher. This website was initially built to support home learning during the 2020 COVID-19 school closure. Now it has been developed into a platform to allow me to engage with the parents in my class so that they can support the progress of their children while at home.



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This is a personal website created by me to support the children in my class. If there are any issues with any content, please contact me to discuss. I make no financial gain from this website.