Optional phonics for the Easter break

A parent has approached me and said that their child would benefit from a short daily input of phonics over the Easter break, so I have created this blog post with 5 phase 3 recap videos (this is actually week 12 of the program, Spring term only took us to week 11).

THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL!!! Most children will actually benefit more from a break, so please use your own judgement. We will be repeating all the phase 3 sessions in the Summer term (including the ones below), so please do not feel guilty or obligated to watch them over the holidays. These are also recap videos so no new sounds or tricky words are being introduced.

Week 12 Video 1:

Week 12 video 2:

Week 12 video 3:

Week 12 video 4:

Week 12 video 5:

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