Friday 5th March 2021


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This term we are introducing the phase 3 phonics program.

We have now introduced all on the sounds we are learning in phase 3, so the rest of the sessions will be recapping groups of sounds. So, instead of a sound video, each day I will be posting the phase 3 tricky words video as a warm up.

Following on from the above, here is today’s session:

I initially filmed this video to be suitable for the children to watch on their own as per the previous term’s phonics videos, however due to the short notice of school closure I have not been able to create videos that are more interactive. So please ensure you and your child have a pencil/pen and piece of paper/whiteboard with you as you watch the video. Feel free to pause and model any writing elements to them and also encourage them to write where appropriate e.g. the letter formation part. This phonics session should last no longer than 15 minutes.

The presentation this video is based on is from Twinkl.

If you are interested in finding out more about our phonics teaching strategy, please click here.

Sentence Writing

There is no sentence writing today as the children (and you) have worked super hard this week.


This week we are focusing on combining numbers (addition).

For today’s session you will need your 20 pegs (or objects) from Monday plus something to write and on. We are aiming to combine all our skills from this week and introduce the ‘abstract’ (i.e. the numerals) to the process of combining numbers.

Please note this video series was created in April 2020 to support children in the last school closure so I may make weird references to things that we have not yet covered or to things that were happening last year!

Please also remember that all the children have a school Numbots account. Numbots is a fun app that turns counting, addition and subtraction into a game where the children can earn certificates. Login details were given out last term, please let me know if you need me to resend your child’s.

Thank you as always for your support.

Please email any comments, questions or feedback to receptionroy [at]

Mr Vullo

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