Wednesday 1st July 2020


If you are a parent from Rabbit Class and this is not your first visit to this website, please click here to jump to today’shome teaching section’.

If this is your first visit to this website site, please read the next few paragraphs to familiarise yourself with the setup and function of this website.

This is a template blog post in which I share the daily adult led input normally delivered to the children in my reception class.

In this blog post there is a phonics input, a sentence writing input and a maths input; please see the relevant section below).

The wording of this blog post will be the same every day, with only the ‘teaching input’ content changing. This will allow me to post quicker, with less typos and allow regular visitors to become familiar with the structure so they can focus on delivering the content to the children in their care.

The goal of this website is to inform, rather than entertain adults, so they can support the progress of the children.

Please note, I have created this website as this information doesn’t easily fit on Class Dojo, the normal platform I use to communicate with the parents of the children in my class. This means that the content posted is based on my class’s needs and current place in our curriculum.

Parents outside of Rabbit Class are more than welcome to use this content to support their children learning at home, however I will not be taking requests to create specific videos. The children of Rabbit class are my priority.

It might be worth reading the pages ‘a guide to using this website’, ‘copyright infringement’ and ‘resources’.

The home teaching section:


This term we are recapping all of the phase 3 program.

Today we are recapping ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘th’ and ‘ng’. Here are four 1 minute overview videos of these sounds. They are designed to be used as a reference guide for parents on the correct sound pronunciation and letter formation. I have previously posted this on Class Dojo.

Following on from the above, here is today’s session which has a reading focus.

Presentation taken from Twinkl.

If you are interested in finding out more about our phonics teaching strategy, please click here.

Sentence Writing

Following on from the success of last week, we are again going to do a week long writing activity.

Please look at the picture below with your child. Discuss with the children what they can see and what they think is happening.

Taken from Twinkl.

Using the word mat below (to copy word that are not phonically decodable) and their sound mats, ask the children to think of one sentence that relates to this picture. This could be a comment on what they see, or a personal experience that the picture reminds them of e.g. they recall eating burgers at the airport.

We will be using the same picture all week. The idea is by the end of the week the children will have 5 sentences that relate to the seaside by the end of the week.

The aim is to prepare them for Year 1 when they will start writing about topics using vocabulary from a word mat like this one.

Please help the children as much or as little as you need to, HOWEVER I would like the idea of what to write to come from them.

Please let me know if you need hard copies of the picture or the word mats.

Taken from Twinkl.
Taken from Twinkl.


This week I will be setting a daily maths challenge where I will give the children clues, and they have to guess the secret number I am thinking of.

Again, for today’s session please can you make sure the children have 20 counters / pegs / objects to count with.

Here are the steps, the idea is for a adult to work with a child to do this so we recap the numeracy skills we have covered this year.

Please make sure you use pegs or another object to do each step. ALL the research shows that this is the best way for children to develop numeracy skills.

I have written the clues and answer below this video. This activity is designed for you to work with your child and help them along the way. This is not an activity for your child to do on their own without adult help.

If I was you, I would read the clues under the video before watching it, and then pause the video after each clue to work it our with the child.

Here are the answers to the clues:

  • A circles has 1 side (1)
  • I held up 5 fingers (5) 1 + 5 = 6
  • One more than 6 is 7.

The secret number of the day is 7!

Thank you as always for your support.

Please email any comments, questions or feedback to receptionroy [at]

Mr Vullo

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