Wednesday 25th March 2020


If you are a parent from Rabbit Class and this is not your first visit to this website, please click here to jump to today’shome teaching section’.

If this is your first visit to this website site, please read the next few paragraphs to familiarise yourself with the setup and function of this website.

This is a template blog post in which I share the daily adult led input normally delivered to the children in my reception class.

In this blog post there is a phonics input, a sentence writing input and a maths input; please see the relevant section below).

The wording of this blog post will be the same every day, with only the ‘teaching input’ content changing. This will allow me to post quicker, with less typos and allow regular visitors to become familiar with the structure so they can focus on delivering the content to the children in their care.

The goal of this website is to inform, rather than entertain adults, so they can support the progress of the children.

Please note, I have created this website as this information doesn’t easily fit on Class Dojo, the normal platform I use to communicate with the parents of the children in my class. This means that the content posted is based on my class’s needs and current place in our curriculum.

Parents outside of Rabbit Class are more than welcome to use this content to support their children learning at home, however I will not be taking requests to create specific videos. The children of Rabbit class are my priority.

It might be worth reading the pages ‘a guide to using this website’, ‘copyright infringement’ and ‘resources’.

The home teaching section:


Presentation taken from my paid subscription to Twinkl.

Sentence Writing

Here is our sentence writing exercise for today.

The correct order for the words is “Six jam jars in a box.”.

Before starting please ask the children to tell you the three things they need to write a sentence (1. Capital letter at the start, 2. Finger spaces, 3. A full stop at the end.)

Please click here to see the source of this picture.

Ideas for a phonically decodable extra sentence the children could attempt to write with support from you and their sound mats are:

  • The box is red.
  • There are no jam in the jars.
  • The box is big.

Please note, to avoid future issues with copyright and the use of images, plus to make them more fun, my colleague and I will be ‘creating’ some scenes that we will photograph for next week’s sentence writing exercises.


Thank you as always for your support.

Please email any comments, questions or feedback to receptionroy [at]

Mr Vullo

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