Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello parents and adults,

I hope you all found yesterday’s videos and resources useful. Thank you all for your feedback and comments.

You will have noticed I have linked to some websites in this post. Last night I realised that I maybe infringing some copyright laws, but, as I receive no commercial gain from this website, for now I have just linked to the appropriate website while I look into this potential issue in more detail. If you are reading this and you work at Twinkl or have created the photo of the vet please contact me if I need to take this content down.

I find routine useful, so I am trying to keep the format of these posts similar so that you are familiar with the process and can focus your attention on supporting the children with the ‘content’.

Here are today’s videos and resources relating to the adult led input normally delivered in Rabbit Class:


Please note your children will need a pencil and paper for today’s session as it has a writing focus.

The presentation this video is based on is from content I access via my paid subscription with Twinkl.

Sentence writing:

The resource for today is shown below.

It again links to the sounds (j, v, w, x) that were recapped in the phonics session today. There is no specific video for today’s session, but I have included the guidance video below the image.

The correct order for today’s sentence is “Jazz is visiting the vet.”

Once the children have rearranged the words in the correct order, before they start to write please ask them what the three things they need to remember when writing a sentence i.e. include a capital letter at the start of the sentence, finger spaces between the words and also a full stop at the end of the sentence.

The image is taken from here

I think there are lots of opportunities for the children to write an extra sentence that relates to this picture. Phonically decodable ideas include:

“Jazz the dog.”

“Jazz is the dog.”

“The vet and the dog”

“The vet has a pen.”

“The vet has a coat on.”

To encourage your child to come up with their own extra sentence you could ask them:

“What else do you see in the picture?”

“Who is Jazz?”

“Who is the lady?”

Here is a reminder of the guidance for taking the child in your care through this activity:


For today’s maths session you will need your 20 objects and 4 cups/plates/action figures to share them between.

It will also be useful to have the number line you created yesterday, plus some ‘post its’ to cover three of the numbers.

Although you could just watch the video and follow along with me, children learn best when they are actually ‘doing’.

By actually doing the activity you will be taking the child in your care through the three stages of learning maths. Below is the hierarchy of these learning ‘stages’ (with a very simple example).

  1. Concrete – this is the actual ‘doing’ e.g. counting 5 candles
  2. Pictorial – counting 5 pictures of candles
  3. Abstract – representing the five candles by the number ‘5’.

Please notice if you miss the (most important) concrete stage of actually ‘doing’ and just watch the video below, you child will miss an important part of the learning.

Here is today’s maths input. In the video I am asking the children to ‘prove’ their answers. Please give them time to process their thoughts, and ask them extra open questions (using the appropriate 5WH – Who, What, Why, When, Why and How) to help them expand and articulate their reasoning.

Thank you again for all your support with this.

Please let me know any questions, comments or feedback.

Mr Vullo

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