Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello parents,

Here is the input videos for today. We are all learning to teach in this way, so please bear with me, I will get better as the weeks go on.

I recommend breaking the day up with these ‘adult led’ activities.

In a normal school day we do phonics at 9am, sentence writing at 11:30am just before lunch and then maths after lunch at about 1:15pm.


Here is the phonics video. I have recorded this in a way that allows you to interact with your child. I recommend watching this in full screen mode on a laptop, computer or TV. A tablet could also work, but I think a phone screen will be too small.

This is mainly a reading session today, so there is no need for pencils and paper.

Sentence writing

Here is the resource for today. It links to the sounds (j, v, w, x) that were recapped in the phonics session today. I try to make as many links as I can in the children’s activities to ensure we are constantly recapping and reinforcing learning. There is no specific video for today’s session.

The correct order for today’s sentence is “Jim wins six vans.”

Here is the sentence writing guidance video to help you with this activity.


Today is the start of learning about number 20 (our number of the week).

I normally share all the number hunt photos I have been sent (I will do this on class dojo instead of here) and I ask the children what does 20 mean to them. Sometimes children will say it is their door number, or how old a family member is, they could also say it is on money (i.e. the £20 note). There is no real right answer, we just want the children thinking about numbers in their life and environment.

At the start of the week we also watch the corresponding Numberblocks episode that introduces the number.

Unfortunately the BBC do not put all the Numberblocks episode on Iplayer, so I have to hunt for them on You tube, but they cannot always be found. Below is the best I can manage for now.

As part of our introduction to 20, I would like you to make a number line with your children (see the video and picture below).

Please watch this video with your child, discussing with them the mistakes I initially made in counting the straws.


We will be using this number line throughout this week.

That is all of the input for today.

As I have said above, this took a bit of time for me to put together, but I am confident I will get quicker as I create more.

Thank you all for your support with this.

Please let me know any questions, comments or feedback.

Mr Vullo

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