A guide to using this website

Hello parents,

Here is a walk though and basic guide on how to use this website:

I will publish a blog post a day, Monday to Friday. These blog posts will contain videos and resources that are support the home learning relating to the adult led input (phonics, writing and maths) the children would normally receive in class.

The normal ‘timings’ I deliver the adult led input for the above sessions is shown below. It might be useful to maintain this routine while the children are off school.

9am Phonics

11:30am Sentence writing

1:15pm Maths

Outside of these sessions we normally do lots of child initiated activities where the children can independently access our resources. This occurs both inside and outside of our classroom. I feel that this is something that you guys already do brilliantly at home, so there is no need for guidance from me 🙂

Here is a video from the previous school closure period on how to approach the sentence writing task. This might be useful, although a slightly different approach than explained above.

At the start of this video I call this “daily handwriting”, I was supposed to say “daily sentence writing”. Sorry.

While the format of phonics and sentence writing videos and resources will remain the same every day, the maths input will be different. Ranging from watching a number blocks video, to making shapes and everything in between.

However it is VITAL that the children understand and use the correct counting principles in everything they do. Please watch this video so you are aware of these principles:

I hope the above is clear and helpful, if you have any questions, comments or feedback please email me at receptionroy [at] burntmill.essex.sch.uk ensuring you replace ” [at] ” with @ because although I enjoy communication with spam bots, the IT people at my school get upset with the viruses they also attach to their emails.

Take care, stay safe.

Mr Vullo

PS here is a video exploring some of the ‘advanced’ features of the website for those that noticed the extra links at the top of the website